Lord Tellum Vosh

The reigning ruler of Vennij


A tall, fairly handsome, but sullen-looking man with scruffy blonde hair and beard. He stands with a sense of lordly pride typical of rulers, but is nonetheless quiet and polite.


Although he is usually seen in his well-worn yet nonetheless regal attire, and is widely respected by his subjects, there is an unmistakable hardship behind the blue eyes of Tellum Vosh. Vosh came to Vennij as an orphaned child at the age of eight. His foster life, however, was not a cheerful one; the tyrannical rule of King Vorin Karnnick left Vennij in strife, and the subsequent war tearing him down only left the town in further poverty and ruin. As he grew older, Tellum Vosh took on many different jobs, solidifying his favor with the townspeople while also building up his capabilities as a potential leader. As time and age went on, Vosh came forward with a charismatic proposition, nominating himself as a leader for a new future for Vennij. The agreement by the citizens was near unanimous, and Tellum Vosh has been the reigning lord ever since. The presence of Vosh himself in Galdoran politics has never been absent, but he prefers to keep Vennij itself fairly isolationist. One can assume his old life, and his will to not see his people share such a life, is one of the stronger reasons.

Lord Tellum Vosh

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