An adorable barmaid


An adorable gnome, often seen in a simple but appealing dress, with green eyes, yellow hair, a bright smile and a casually friendly mannerism.


Kyle has always led a simple life since childhood, when her parents first came to the kingdom of Falldrahn. Kyle has never found himself wanting for much, usually content simply to contribute to society and occasionally splurge his wages on a nice dress, and spent most of his life working as a barmaid at The Dusty Glass, Falldrahn’s sole operating tavern.

One day, during Kyle’s shift at the tavern, Kahlan, Othis, and Tal-Raz Ni strolled in after a most stressful adventure. Kyle took their orders as normal, but as he was going about his duties with the staff and other patrons, the crown Tal-Raz Ni had been wearing began to give off an odd sensation and then took control over the sorceror. Tal-Raz Ni, now possessed by some kind of residual remnant of the spirit of Muurolk, began to uncontrollable destroy The Dusty Glass, setting it ablaze and knocking Kyle unconscious in the process before finally exploding and making the dire situation even worse. Luckily, Kahlan heroically saved Kyle from a horrible end by picking her body up and vacating the quickly-crumbling tavern moments before disaster.

Upon being rescued and coming back to consciousness, Kyle proposed marriage to Kahlan, who gently turned him down before putting him down to join the others. Kahlan did gift Kyle with a considerable sum of gold however, and Kyle was quite thankful for it. The heroes have not come across Kyle again in their adventures, but considering the gnome’s upbeat nature, it’s quite likely that she has been living in comfort and safety since they last saw her.


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