King Julen Ghalarehl

The reigning ruler of Falldrahn


A short, fat, self-righteous oaf, clad in lavish jewels and soft robes, sits on his throne with the smugness of a man who knows he has power over others and cherishes it.


A pompous and self-righteous king, and the current lord overseeing the Kingdom of Falldrahn. Often found lazily residing in his throne room and adorned in jewels and lush robes, the short, fat ruler is fond of pointing his many-ringed fingers at those he orders around when he’s not using them to pick at the plates of food sitting around him.

Little is known of just how he became king, but the end of the former king Muurolk’s rule is certainly mysterious and suspicious, and Ghalarehl is not one to take up leadership for the benefit of others. Nonetheless, his leadership is now assured thanks to the efforts of three heroes in returning the royal amulet that signifies his right to rule.

King Julen Ghalarehl

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