Kahlan Andovian

Ranger from Arrex


Kahlan is a young half-elf with dark green eyes and light brown hair. Having grown up in a forest, she is more built for running, climbing and swimming than brawling or doing the heavy lifting.

She often likes to wear flowers or feathers in her hair and is very fond of her forest-green cloak.

She is a quite and reserved person, preferring to say only what needs said and little more. Though when her patience wears thin she is prone to snapping at people.

She currently has three animal friends; two giant stag beetles, Lucy, Slayer of Muurolk, and Lawless, as well as her adorable little owl, Eramet.



Kahlan grew up in the forest of Arrex, under the protection of Clan Greenstrider. The Greenstrider Clan is predominately made up of elves, half-elves and humans, with several gnomes and halflings as well, though the clan was welcoming to all. The clan consists of people who choose to live within nature rather than within the laws and confines of a city. It was here that Kahlan learned the ways of the Rangers from her mentor Athalstan. It was a simple, but happy life.

Arrex, being the prosperous land that it was, was claimed by one Lord Vincent Armathia who started construction of Armathia City soon after. Tensions between Clan Greenstrider and Armathia’s people grew as Armathia continually poached wild game and clear cut parts of the forest for crops and lumber and the Greenstriders continually harassed his hunters and refused to follow his laws or pay taxes for living on “his property”.

Kahlan grew to hate Lord Vincent personally due to his enjoyment of trophy hunting. It’s one thing to kill for food, but for sport? Unforgivable.

While Kahlan was busy planning a way to stop Lord Vincent’s needless killing of animals, he was preparing for a summer festival. As part of the festival, Vincent brought in several circus animals for entertainment and spectacle. Seeing the caged animals didn’t sit right with Kahlan, so she, and several of her friends, sneaked into the festival one night and released them. Kahlan and her friends were competent enough in the handling of wild animals that the animals fled for the forest without hurting anyone, but the people of Armathia City panicked at the sight of several large wild animals running around and there were several injuries (though no deaths) in the ensuing chaos. One such injury belonged to Lord Vincent’s youngest son. With his son injured, his festival ruined and his patience at an end, Lord Vincent’s vengeful nature spurred him to form a war party to track down the only people who could be responsible.

Lord Vincent and his party marched on the Arrex forest and towards the last known location of the Greenstrider clan with full intent of destroying the thorn in his side that has plagued him since he first set foot in this land.

The people of Clan Greenstrider had two distinct advantages over the Armathian troops, however; this forest was their home and Armathia’s people were ill suited for combat within the dense confines of the trees.

What followed was as week of bloody guerilla warfare, with Armathia taking the majority of the losses, mostly to arrows seemingly coming from nowhere; though there were far more injuries than deaths. As the number of his active forces dwindled, Lord Vincent’s desire for victory grew, though the morale of his troops was low. They wanted to fight no more than the Greenstriders did, but Lord Vincent could not be swayed.

Lord Vincent made a grave tactical error by pulling more of his troops out of the city than was wise. With the city practically unguarded, clan Greenstrider orchestrated a bloodless capture of Armathia. With his troops on the verge of mutiny and his hold occupied by enemies, Lord Vincent ran. As a final act of spite, Lord Vincent set the dry summer forest on fire.

With a fire threatening to engulf not only the forest, but the crops and city as well, the Armathian and Greenstrider people worked together to save both of their homes. With the flames quelled, and the hostilities ceased, the two peoples came to an agreement and a new council was put in place in the newly named Arrex City. The council would oversee not only the city, but the forest as well, with representatives for both. Lady Armathia, would come to be the new rulership of the city.

There was one thing yet to be resolved. Lord Vincent was guilty of endangering the lives of everyone within the city and the forest. He had crimes to answer to and must be brought to justice.

Kahlan was tasked with tracking the former lord down and bringing him back, alive, if possible. Vincent had killed Kahlan’s mentor, Athalstan, during the fighting. She is eager to find him, though not quite sure if Vincent will make it back to Arrex alive.

She had met a dead end on a lead in the Dusty Glass, where she encountered a paladin and a sorcerer.

Kahlan Andovian

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