Great Gobbo

Greatest Goblin of all Goblins!


Big, mean, and green. Adorned with all sorts of trinkets that have been given value in accordance to their shininess and/or ability to break stuff, and usually laughing even more loudly and obnoxiously than the rest of his Goblin horde.


Much of what is known about The Great Gobbo’s history consists of the stories and legends shared by goblins all over Galdoran about his heroic exploits in knocking huge things over and stealing extremely shiny objects. It is, in fact, why he was made the leader of the goblins – not through any governmental form of election or appointment, but rather by proving how great he was at the aforementioned activities. Understandably, all goblins look up to him and revere him for the immense source of fun he is. In recent times, he is most commonly known for The Great Goblin Party – an event that swept across Galdron’s eastern, civilized half, which saw The Great Gobbo and all the goblins trashing the Human, Elven, and Dwarven cities, splashing paint on sacred monuments, and shouting rude and crude remarks at all the horrified pedestrians and frustrated guards. The event was the masterwork of The Great Gobbo, and all goblins in Galdoran reflect on his leadership throughout it as a great cultural achievement. Unfortunately, the civilized citizens of Galdoran did not view it as highly as the goblins did, and so banded together to form what would be known by Goblin and Enemy-Of-Fun alike as The Great & Messy Goblin Round-Up. Along with the rest of his beloved goblins, The Great Gobbo was forced back into the north mountains, isolated away from the rest of Galdoran. Some goblins still roam free, stealing and vandalizing throughout Galdoran, but The Great Gobbo still resides with most goblins in their new mountain home of Rekka, where he continues to inspire with his acts of destruction, graffiti and snarfing down whole roasted chickens.

Great Gobbo

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