Tales Of Galdoran

A Foul Shadow, Part II: A Light For A Sorrowful Island
A heavy mist can obscure much.

Kahlan, Othis and Tal-Raz Ni, victorious in their incredible defeat of the ghost king Muurolk and the return of Falldrahn‘s royal amulet to King Julen Ghalarehl, found themselves celebrating in the place where they’d all first met, The Dusty Glass. A friendly barmaid by the name of Kyle took their order, and all seemed well…until the crown of Muurolk, which Tal-Raz Ni had taken after the fight and placed on his head, began to give off a strange aura – as well as affect Tal-Raz Ni. Apparently there was still some spiritual remnant of Muurolk in the crown, and so it took over Tal-Raz Ni, causing him to lay destruction to The Dusty Glass while in the crazed possession before finally exploding in a burst of foul energy.

The heroes struggling to evacuate the tavern along with the other patrons, with Kahlan saving Kyle in the process. The gnome was so enamored with Kahlan’s bravery that he proposed to the ranger on the spot. Kahlan politely declined, but gifted the gnome with a sum of gold to help him recover from the loss of a job. The pleasantries ended there, however, as it became apparent that Othis and Kahlan were not exactly the bearers of good times and safety for all in Falldrahn. The two promptly left the kingdom with the crown in tow, resolved to find a way of destroying it.

Upon leaving the town, Othis and Kahlan came across a guard escorting a prisoner. The prisoner was protesting loudly, pleading to be set free, but the guard insisted that “murder is murder” even in self-defense, and that the prisoner had to be returned to Elidein to face trial. Kahlan and Othis spoke with the guard, and convinced him to let the prisoner go. The guard then asked them what they were doing, and the adventurers informed him about their need to destroy the crown of Muurolk. The guard informed them that there could very well be a means to destroy it in Elidein, and agreed to escort Othis and Kahlan to the town.

Progressing on their way, Kahlan, Othis and the guard made their way over to the mountain pass, and began to climb. The climb itself wasn’t strenuous, but the group eventually found themselves coming across two Trolls. Savoring the notion of a challenge, the heroes snuck into an excellent position, and attacked the monsters. downing them with relative ease. Upon defeating the Trolls, Othis and Kahlan looted their bodies and found a ruby-like crystal fixed onto a brass chain. Thinking it was either important or at least valuable, they pocketed the treasure and continued along the mountain trail. The pair found an entryway downwards into what looked like a small cavern and, assuming this would lead to where they would meet with a ferry for passage to Elidein, Othis and Kahlan progressed forward.

They were soon stopped by a fireball that flew towards them and slammed into the wall, barely a few inches away from where they stood. The heroes turned to see a flaming dwarf-like creature, an Azer, sitting in a seat and glaring at them as it would intruders. Othis and Kahlan realized they had unexpectedly entered the Azer’s home, and explained that they were simply passing through on the way to Elidein. Remembering their recently acquired treasure, Kahlan and Othis revealed the chain with the crystal and the Azer’s attitude immediately changed. It approached the two, introduced himself as Emberduun, and placed the necklace – a treasured belonging of his – around his neck. Thankful for the return of the crystal-bearing chain, Emberduun told Kahlan and Othis that he would be happy to repay them by helping them in their journey to Elidein. With a new ally joining them, Othis and Kahlan continued on their quest.

The group soon reached the ferry and climbed aboard for the ride over. The mist surrounding the island was heavy and almost impenetrable, and the guard made a point of informing the heroes that the fog surrounded Elidein through some strange means, and bandits exploited it to attack transports moving across the waters. Sure enough, once the boat reached the halfway-point between the mainland shore and Elidein’s, a bandit shop slipped out of the fog and attacked our adventurers. The battle was intense, with the bandits proving to not only be capable fighters, but numerous as well. Kahlan and Othis fought valiantly against the foes, but with Emberduun unable to stand to his feet the entire battle – and more bandits continuing to swing over from the enemy ship – the situation looked grim, even creating tension between them on what to do. Finally, however, Emberduun was able to rise to his feet, and unleashed a fiery blast on the bandit ship, effectively eliminating the remaining threat. With everything now under control, the boat continued on to Elidein.

If the fog surrounding Elidein seemed ominous, it paled in comparison to Elidein itself. Much like Falldrahn, Elidein was a grey, grim, destitute town, but with the additional worry that there was something specifically unwell about the town.

A Foul Shadow, Part I: The Crypt Of The Ghost King
Mausoleums are hardly welcoming...

The first fateful adventure of Othis, Kahlan and Tal-Raz Ni began in the same way as every legendary quest: in a tavern.

Though they did not know each other before entering The Dusty Glass, Falldrahn‘s finest (and only still-running) tavern, they were soon acquainted when a few drunken upstarts tried to pick a fight. What was going to be a relaxing night became an intense confrontation, which was also made quite awkward by Tal-Raz Ni’s sudden strategy of summoning a Kua-Toa in an attempt to scare off the brutes. This, however, did nothing to ease their manner, and quickly made the situation worse. Luckily, Kahlan used quick thinking (despite having consumed an incredible amount of alcohol) to utilize her skills at communing with animals, and convinced the Kua-Toa to leave. The Kua-Toa’s prompt and casual departure out the tavern door caused another brief, awkward pause, but a barfight still broke out. As the chaos broke out and took over the tavern, the town guards burst inside, broke up the fight, and arrested the perpetrators – including our three heroes.

Kahlan, Othis, and Tal-Raz Ni were quickly taken to the local prison, where they waited and pondered how much better the night could be going. They did not have to wait long, however, as more guards returned and escorted them to the chamber hall of King Julen Ghalarehl. After short introductions, the king gave unto the heroes a quest of valor: return to him the royal amulet that would signify his right to rule Falldrahn, which had been lost when the previous king, Muurolk, took it with him down into a nearby mausoleum. The trio accepted, and made their way down the road towards the former king’s crypt.

Upon leaving the kingdom, the heroes were faced with a simply choice: progress down a shortcut through the nearby forest, or walk the long and open road that eventually passes by the mausoleum. The trio decided to take the forest shortcut, but soon found themselves regretting the decision. Fairly deep into the forest, they found a distressing note and quickly realized they were being watched. When our heroes tried to discern the intentions of the creatures watching them, they realized that hunger was the sole motivation; and so, they took the reasonable action of running for their lives. This also proved to be a hazardous choice, as they quickly found themselves among a swath of Assassin Vines. Getting down and crawling on their bellies for a time helped them avoid a strangling, but all the escaping proved tiring to the trio.

As they walked reluctantly down the road, they came upon a modest farm. When one of the group made pleasant contact with the farmer, the other two came out of hiding and took the farmer up on his offer to let them rest in his barn. When the heroes told the farmer of their current purpose, he told Othis, Kahlan, and Tal-Raz Ni about a group of bandits who had taken his cow and headed for the mausoleum. In the morning, the trio thanked the farmer, promised to return his lost cow, and continued on their way.

When they finally reached the crypt, the heroes were met with an immediate sense of dread, thanks to a collective of terrifying Ghosts rising from the graves that surrounded the mausoleum entrance. The Ghosts did not attack, but simply stared menacingly, and so the Kahlan, Othis and Tal-Raz Ni made the immediate decision of summoning up their courage and quickly proceeding inside. Once inside, the heroes were promptly attacked by Skeletons. After a morbid battle that ended by finally dispatching the Skeletons, the trio proceeded into a small room where they found a collection of magical skeleton keys that would let them access any door. Othis, Kahlan, and Tal-Raz Ni pressed forward through the crypt, exploring every room and hallway and dispatching Skeletons and Zombies as they did so.

Along the way, they came across a prisoner who promised to lead them to their goal. Of course, this prisoner was less than trustworthy, and after failing to trick our heroes into a painful death he finally ran out of the mausoleum. His absence was no great loss however, as the group also found more allies in two giant Stag Beetles that Kahlan was surprisingly able to tame. Another friend was made when the group came across a Bugbear and its Goblin subordinates – the very bandits the farmer had mentioned – and upon kiliing them met a Lantern Archon that had been trapped and fearful among them. Othis and the Lantern Archon became quick comrades, and Kahlan found herself bonding very well with her new beetle friends.

The group continued exploring, and after a terrifying encounter with shadowy figures and much deliberation about their current and unexplored areas within the crypt, Othis, Kahlan, and Tal-Raz Ni found themselves before the door that would lead to them to the amulet they sought…and the king who currently possessed it. Preparing themselves with holy water and pressing forward through the door, the trio were now face to face with the haunting figure of a ghostly king – Muurolk. Sitting on a menacing throne before an ominous altar, Muurolk stared at the heroes as they entered his ghastly throne room. Othis bowed before the ghost king, who engaged our heroes in casual, yet wretched, conversation. When the group made it known that they were there for the amulet (as the king assumed), Muurolk made them an offer: he would gladly and freely give them the amulet, provided that they made a sacrifice of fresh blood onto the altar.

Naturally, the brave heroes refused, and made a swift attack on the dreadful ghost king. Othis led the attack with an outstanding uppercut, aided by the application of the holy water, and the three heroes and two beetles began to unleash their strength on Muurolk. The fight would not be an easy one, however, and the ghost king proved to be a most difficult adversary to land a hit on, much the less damage. In the end, though, the heroes were victorious; the beetle Kahlan had come to call Lucy gripped the ghost king in her pincers (which were coated in holy water), and Muurolk unleashed a deafening scream of agony as his spirit form was burst in half by the beetle’s incredible strength.

The royal amulet then fell to the ground, and with it in tow, the heroes progressed back through the crypt. They decided to explore the one final room they hadn’t entered yet on the way out, and luckily found the missing cow standing among many gleaming treasures, including three impressive weapons. Now, with their new fortunes and the cow also in tow, the heroes departed the crypt and stepped into the daylight. They returned the farmer’s lost cow, and then finally reached Falldrahn, where they met again with King Julen Ghalarehl and returned the amulet he sent them in search of.

It was only the first adventure these three had been on together, but it would nonetheless prove to be a hint of things to come.

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